Welcome to my website!

Who am I?
My name is Owen Xuereb. At the time of writing I am currently a student attending MCAST Advanced Diploma in IT.

Why did I choose ICT?
ICT is an environment where you have to adapt and change with it. Technologies change in an astonishing rate within a few years and for one to keep up to date, a self-research and self-driven attitude are a must. This is why I chose this line of study.

What is the purpose of this website?
The main purpose of this website is to present my portfolio in regards to a unit being thought at school called “Embedded Systems”. This unit requires that we use a Raspberry Pi, Breadboard and Python and with their combination we build a circuit which is controlled by our own code using the GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi. While showcasing my projects this website can be of use as a research to someone who wishes to use the Raspberry Pi.

What can you do with my code on the website?
Well I have made it relatively simple to follow the instructions on how I coded the program, also, the code is readily available but copy and pasting will not teach you anything that is why I included line by line commenting so that you will know what that individual line is , what function it serves and also it’s main purpose. Same goes for the circuit¬†through the use of fritzing, showcasing all the wiring and also highlighting step-by-step instructions on how to connect the circuit from start to finish. Equipment used is also highlighted and shown.

Final thoughts?
If you are on this website you are either my lecturer, someone who finds interest in the Raspberry Pi or someone who needs help in doing a similar project… Whichever one you are (except my lecturer) copy and pasting the code will not teach you anything. Look at the code, understand it and write it in your own words and you will improve your own knowledge.

Thanks for Visiting my Website and have fun browsing!

Disclaimer: All the code used is self-written and most of it is self-taught.

Contact Details:
School E-mail: owen.xuereb.a100078@mcast.edu.mt




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